One Hit Wonder Mountain Festival

5-9th SEPT.

2017 Athlete
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The worlds best ski and snowboard athletes go head-to-head on the biggest jump on the World Tour whilst Thredbo hosts the biggest party in the Australian Snowy Mountains. It's a big week to be in the village.

And The Oscar Goes To

The GoPro Game Show judging panel awarding the Oscar consisted of a handpicked jury from the Toyota One Hit Wonder Foreign Press Association. They had the following to say about the film that will take top honours. 


When The Sun Did Finally Come Out

At the top of Thredbo Resort is a ballet of steel and snow. The dancers are huge winch cats and park grooming machines. Their red costumes are vibrant against the white-out that is finally subsiding ironically on the last day of scheduled competition. The choreography is constant and mesmerising. Though it isn't the graceful movement that spectators have come to expect from the biggest jump on the AFP World Tour... But as tomorrow's forecast calls for sun, the shoveling and shaping need to be done, because no one is leaving without a finale.


What To Expect from the GoPro Game Show

The clouds are giving way to sunshine and Sunday will be the day that the Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air finally gets to see some action. Though with the foregone week of wild weather blowing the event schedule out the window, what exactly can we expect from tomorrow?