To mix it with the best, you have to submit an audition video of one of your best tricks. It can be any trick, so long as it impresses the pants off us. Auditions will be accepted up until the 20th of August.

We don't need to see completed Warren Miller segment... Just pay a buddy to hold a camera while you stomp the big air that you think can make the final cut of 16 invited riders.

How to audition:

Step 1: Capture on camera your big air trick.

Step 2: Upload and email a downloadable high-quality video link (such as or - with Toyota One Hit Wonder Audition in the title) to [email protected] by the 20th August 2010. In the email make sure you include your name, postal address, phone number and email address, and by doing so, you agree to the full terms and conditions of the 2011 Toyota One Hit Wonder Down Under.

How your audition will be judged:

A selection panel will ridicule most entries before deciding on the final field of skiers and snowboarders to take their skills to Thredbo on the 6th-10th of September. Selectors will be looking for a combination of technically difficult but stylish tricks that they think are worthy of mixing it with the worlds best.

A couple of tips:

Don't edit your video... Don't worry about music or flashy cuts. The selectors just want see you clearly stomping your trick in full and perhaps from a few different angles, but having production values less than a Warren Miller segment will not diminish your chances.

When it comes to sending or uploading your audition video, keep the file in its rawest format and as higher resolution as possible. Be sure to enable your original video to be downloaded in the settings so that we can add it to the top picks page if we think it is worthy.

So for those of you vying for a place at the top of the in-run come September, the One Hit Wonder Down Under has already begun.

Top Auditions

Feel free to keep checking back here to see what the standard is like. We'll be uploading some of the top picks (and perhaps some of the not so top picks) to keep you on your toes.

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