And The Oscar Goes To

The GoPro Game Show judging panel awarding the Oscar consisted of a handpicked jury from the Toyota One Hit Wonder Foreign Press Association. They had the following to say about the film that will take top honours.

"A disposition of sunshine and smiles brilliantly sets the scene in the first act complete with cameos from Gary the serious photographer and Matty Salt Bae-lina. Any doubt that the smiles for miles would be a smokescreen for real substance is quickly abolished as the protagonist opens up the proverbial trick-bag with a double backie and then some. The filmmakers employ a varied arsenal of camera angles to progress the storyline, and a subplot of cossacks and intrigue cleverly reengages wandering attention..."

Photo of a skier who didn't hit the jump first, taken by Colin Levitch.

"...Overall it is well executed and delivers audience's screenwriters glory with a tight blend of tricks and disco vibes as well as a gratuitous RAV4 product shot. Ladies and gentleman, the Toyota One Hit Wonder Foreign Press is proud to present the 2017 GoPro Game Show Oscar to "Team One Half Guniea Pig & One Half Guy Who Didn't Hit The Jump First" aka Ryley Lucas and Enzo Scotto."


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Watch the winning entry.

The Oscar was hotly contested among a strong field of entries and we appreciate all the effort that was poured into crafting the final works of art. The panel would especially like to thank GoPro and the Quik app which basically replaces your editor, allowing more time for hand plants.

Enzo Scotto by Colin Levitch.

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